2006 Soling British National Championships at Edinburgh


The Soling Nationals were held at the Royal Forth Yacht Club, Edinburgh, on July 21st-23rd.  Boats came from Wales, England and Scotland.  Roman Koch and his crew came from Germany: they borrowed a boat from Hamish Loudon.


There are some regattas where things come together to produce a really enjoyable event:  the venue, the weather, the race organisation and the good fellowship after sailing.  This was event was like that.  The Forth estuary is a fine race track:  there is plenty of space and the tide is the same all the way across the course.


On the first day GBR 170 Foxy Cockatoo won all three windward/leeward races on the Forth in sparking sunshine and interesting, shifty westerlies.  This team of Bryan Bottomley, Mike and Ron Preston has led the British Soling fleet for some years, and it was good to see them again after Bryan had taken time off to get his knee replaced.  The Welsh boat GBR 171 Seven was not far behind with two 2nd places.  Owner Mark Fisher has done a lot for Solings in Wales for the past two years and he sailed consistently fast throughout the three days of racing.


Day two dawned with sea mist lying across the firth.  This cloud burned off as the fleet left the harbour and racing started in light easterlies. We hoped that the sun would give us sea breeze and that we would get more wind.  Now the racing hotted up: Seven won a race. So did GBR 160 from Blackpool and Fleetwood Yacht Club, sailed by Nick Holt.  Long standing Scottish sailor Hamish Loudon (ISA Treasurer) also won in GBR 161 Solaris.  The weather, however, did not hot up.  The fog drifted back in.  The third race was sailed in thick mist.  The fleet used compasses  for navigation more than for tactics.  Both shores of the Forth were invisible; both windward and leeward marks vanished into the fog.  In the light winds, Solings came out of the clouds of mist like ghost ships.


Day three was better: a 10-13 knot westerly and a clear day.  Edinburgh and Edinburgh Castle were in the background.  Hamish Loudon and Mike Preston both won a race; the German champions continued with their consistent thirds.  The results were that Mike Prestonís team won overall with Mark Fisher second.  Roman Koch won the Classic Boat trophy for the best Soling over twenty years old with his third place overall; and Hamish Loudon was the Mastersí Champion in fourth.


We had the Annual General Meeting of the British Soling Association at this regatta.  It was very good to have the Kochs from Germany at this meeting.  Roman gave us several ideas to boost membership and improve our regattas.  So thank you, Roman, for travelling across Europe to support the British Nationals.  If we can all travel to support the Soling family, the class will grow stronger.


Iain Loudon,

BSA secretary.


Boat   helm middle bow race 1 race 2 race 3 race 4 race 5 race 6 race 7 race 8 discard points place
GBR 170 Foxy Cockatoo Mike Preston Bryan Bottomley Ron Preston 1 1 1 4 7 2 1 2 7 12 1
GBR 171 Seven Mark Fisher Josh Brown Andrew Freemantle 2 4 2 2 4 1 2 4 4 17 2
GER 267 Romance Roman Koch Maxl Koch Alex Holl 5 3 3 3 5 3 3 3 5 23 3
GBR 161 Solaris Hamish Loudon Bas Fountain Mark Brammer 8 6 6 1 8 5 5 1 8 32 4
GBR 167 Hissing Syd Peter Hewitson Rob Brightwell Peter Dilks 4 2 5 7 3 4 7 7 7 32 5
GBR 160   Nick Holt Peter Williams Barry Pimlott 6 5 4 6 1 7 6 6 7 34 6
GBR 169 Mr Crusty Derek Priestley David Haworth Garry Adams 7 8 7 8 2 6 4 5 8 39 7
GBR 162 Maverick Peter Mountain David Fish Chris Ball 3 7 8 5 6 8 8 9 9 45 8
GBR 157 Just Gonnie No Iain Loudon Hugo Battersby David Anderson DNC DNC DNC DNF DNC 9 9 8 10 66 9


Pictures by www.hallmarineimages.com .